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1 1. New Enrolment
1. New Enrolment
2 2. Details of Student
2. Details of Student
3 3. ELC Enrolments Only
3. ELC Enrolments Only
4 4. Visa Details
4. Visa Details
5 5. Caregiver 1
5. Caregiver 1
6 6. Caregiver 2
6. Caregiver 2
7 7. Guardian in Australia
7. Guardian in Australia
8 8. Permissions for Student
8. Permissions for Student
9 9. Emergency Contacts
9. Emergency Contacts
10 10. Additional Needs
10. Additional Needs
11 11. Student Health Record
11. Student Health Record
12 12. Referee Details
12. Referee Details
13 13. Conditions of Enrolment
13. Conditions of Enrolment
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